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Individual Services

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We'll show you how to best position yourself, emphasize your achievements and showcase all of your abilities and talents in writing. Interview coaching It's amazing how many winning candidates lose out on a job because of the interview. We'll teach you standard best practices and provide specific counseling as to how you should prepare for

Travel Management

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Once Contract signing with the employee is done, travel arrangement becomes the final procedure. For convenience to the employee and the employer, GSO makescomplete travel arrangements. Tickets, VISA and various travel assistance for mobilization and demobilization of personnel from home country to the remote region is handled by us. Our services include handling the entire

Training and Orientations

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  Our personnel are sent to training centers for specific skill development and capacity building. We want them to be adroit, diligent and dependable. Hence we provide them with psychological sessions to enhance their inner faculty. It’s confidence that counts in making a person competent. At the end of the day, we have a workforce,